Food at the Threshing Bee

Finding something tasty to eat is never a problem at the Threshing Bee. Nearly a dozen food stands can be found in the wooded area near and inside the shelter houses. From full meals to snacks and beverages, choices are endless.

Community Club Auxiliary - The Butterfield Community Club Auxiliary aids the community each year by sponsoring a host of events. This busy group annually sponsors an Easter egg hunt, senior tea, flea market and Tour of Homes.  The Club's menu includes barbecues, hot dogs (with or without sauerkraut), taco salad, potato salad, baked beans, and the chance to build your own baked potato.

Watonwan County Historical Society - west shelter

First Lutheran Church - Their breakfast menu includes pancakes and sausages until about 11 a.m. After 11 a.m., they serve hot dogs, hamburgers, cheeseburgers, hot chicken sandwiches, egg rolls, potato salad, potato chips, pie, ice cream, pop, coffee and bottled water.

Speedway Builders 4-H Club - A cold treat can always be found at the Speedway Builders 4-H Club booth. Club members and leaders are eager and willing to serve you homemade ice cream or your choice of floats in numerous flavors. Frozen candy bars, pop and bottled water are also available. 

St. Olaf/Zion Crusaders - The St. Olaf/Zion Crusaders purchase about 100 pounds of popcorn to sell at their stand during Bee time. The salty kernels make a great snack to carry around and nibble on. They also sell pop and bottled water.

Darfur/Butterfield Fire Departments - The men in red run a hamburger stand to satisfy those that crave a nice juicy burger and the fixings to go with it!

Noi's Asian Food - Bubble tea, fried rangoon, lomein, fried rice, and other delicious dishes!