BTA Motorized Vehicle Policy

The Butterfield Threshermen's Association (BTA) has adopted the following policy for the use of "motorized vehicles" by persons other than those working for the BTA. The policy states:

The Butterfield Threshermen's Association allows mobility cart operation at any time on any part of the BTA grounds. A mobility cart is defined as a three or four-wheeled electric, one passenger cart. Any individual may bring their own mobility cart to the grounds.
Persons operating mobility carts are responsible for their operation, maintenance, and any damages to the vehicle or people involved in any accidents.

ATV's, motorbikes, golf carts or any other vehicles that are not mobility carts are not allowed at any time. Trailers attached to mobility carts are also not permitted at any time.

The Butterfield Threshermen's Association will attempt to accommodate all disabled persons by allowing exceptions to this policy on a case-by-case basis. If an exception is to be granted, proof of insurance as well as a handicapped parking permit will be required. No exceptions will be made for ATV'sYou must obtain a permit from the City of Butterfield to operate a golf cart.

Upon presentation of this information to the BTA President or his designated person, a decision will be made whether to allow the vehicle on the grounds.

Subject to the exception above, persons who do not comply with this policy will be evicted from the grounds.

Board of Directors
Butterfield Threshermen's Association

Revised 7/16/2018

 **All vehicles such as golf carts and ATV's used by personnel of the Butterfield Threshermen's Association will be marked as "OFFICIAL VEHICLE".