Butterfield-Odin K-12 Public School

Welcome to Butterfield:

The Butterfield-Odin Public School is located on Highway 60 approximately 120 miles southwest of the Twin City Metro Area.

The school has a student population of Pre-K – 12th grade of approximately 235 students. There are 22 licensed staff members and 43 total employees of the Butterfield-Odin Public School district.

The district offers a wide variety of academics to students by utilizing neighboring districts for various elective classes and the sharing of sports with two surrounding districts. The students in the district have the opportunity to participate in all of the State High School League programs that the surrounding schools offer.

The school boasts consistent high test scores yearly. Each and every employee knows the importance of working together as a team. The students have been able to reap the rewards of our of team of professionals working diligently towards giving them their education.

We invite anyone to contact the school for a visit or to enroll their child in our programs.

Lisa Shellum
Butterfield-Odin Public School
440 Hubbard Ave.
Butterfield, Mn. 56120

The Butterfield-Odin Public School website can be found here.